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about us

European Chinese believers are an independent and non-denominational group of Christians who agree with the basic beliefs of Christianity. Hold prayer meetings, publish publications, lectures and events in central London, provide a Chinatown oasis for those who work and pass by near Chinatown to rest and pass the time, care for and serve the community, and help Chinese in need.

who are we

"European Chinese Believers" started in 2007. We, a group of brothers and sisters who mainly live in London, got together to pray and respond to God's message about European revival.
The information we received is:

(1) God will revive the Chinese churches in Europe first, and then the overall revival in Europe will come.
(2) Publish a publication to build up Chinese believers in Europe and encourage them to go out of the church and serve those in need in the community.

God gave us the vision of European revival, and also gave us the name "European Chinese Believers", so "European Chinese Believers" became the name of our group and this publication.

Together we regularly seek His face and intercede for the restoration of Europe and how to fulfill the mission God has given us. Then in April 2009, the inaugural issue called "European Chinese Believers" was published, and a total of four issues have been published so far.

God gave us a central message in prayer and waiting: love works. He moves us to care for those in need around us. We speak out for our compatriots who do not have residency in the UK, and ask the British government to give them grace and allow those who abide by the law to work legally for a period of time. Later, I felt that my compatriots in the catering industry had serious gambling problems and there was no good place to go after lunch. So several of us came together to provide a service called "Chinatown Oasis". It started from one afternoon a week and has now increased to Two afternoons (a Chinese church in London also provides another afternoon service), so that those who come and go in and out of Chinatown in London can take a break in the oasis, and we also use this to know and serve them.

In serving them and contacting the Chinatown community, we realized that there is a great need in the community, especially among compatriots who have come from mainland China in the past 10 years, and Chinatown is a good place to attract Chinese from all over the UK Therefore, a desire was born to have an outreach center in the middle of Chinatown for people who work there or pass by, and we serve them with the love of Christ. After a year of exploration, prayer and preparation, we established an organization called United to Bless (tentatively translated as "United Blessing"), hoping to serve together with other churches and organizations (most of them will live in London) nearby Chinese), join this ministry.

we believe

1. We believe that the Bible is written by inspiration of God to the prophets and disciples, is inerrant and has the highest authority. 2. We believe in the only true God, that is, the self-existing Triune God - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 3. We believe that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God the Father, the true way, conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born of the virgin Mary. 4. We believe that all men are guilty. God's grace sent Jesus to die on the cross for the world, and resurrected, so that all those who repent and accept Jesus Christ will be forgiven of their sins, born again and saved. 5. We believe that the Holy Spirit comes to work in our hearts, convicts us of sin, guides us into the truth, leads us to trust in Christ, and distributes spiritual gifts to us, so that we can have an abundant and fruitful life. 6. We believe that Christ is the head of the church, and the church is composed of all who are called by God in Christ. 7. We believe that Christ will return in glory and power, and only the Father knows when he will return.

our ministry

1. Prayer meeting
We hold regular prayer meetings in central London. Prayer is the greatest weapon of Christians, from which we can gain wisdom and power to accomplish the work that God wants us to do. Prayer is also a time to draw close to and worship God. In intimate fellowship with Him, we are motivated to love and serve.Prayer meeting information

2. Publications
We respond to God's will and publish publications and send them to every Chinese church/group in Europe. Four volumes have been published so far. We need someone to help translate manuscripts and articles about the situation in different countries and regions in Europe, can you help?Four Issues

3. Chinatown Oasis
Every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, we and two organizations provide a place near Chinatown in London for people who work in Chinatown or pass by Chinatown to rest; we use this to get to know them and help them with various needs, which has also become a testimony A great opportunity for the love of God. In the future, we plan to expand the time and scope of Oasis service. If you have the burden to serve the community and testify to the Lord Jesus, you are welcome to work with us.

4. Special lectures and events
We have held some seminars, such as: how to listen to the voice of God; how to pray for the city and the country.
And participated in supporting some special activities, such as: "National Solidarity Action Day" on May 4, 2009, to speak out for undocumented immigrants in the UK to get work and residence opportunities; on July 18 of the same year, they participated in the British National Repentance Parade Day .photo

5. Focus on problem gambling action
We are very concerned about the problem of gambling addiction among European/British Chinese. The development of "Chinatown Oasis" is related to this situation. I hope that the workers who leave the restaurant in the afternoon can come to the oasis to rest instead of going to the casino to pass the time. We are involved in a problem gambling action group made up of different agencies trying to influence the government's gambling/gambling licensing policy.

We very much hope that brothers and sisters from different denominations and ethnic backgrounds can walk together to pray and serve in unity. We are very happy that believers can become the salt and light of society, express our love for God and people with actions, go out to the community to contact and care for those in need, and speak out for the poor and oppressed.


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